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Warmane Sons of Hodir Guide

Hello everyone, this is my first guide about Sons of Hodir Guide, which would be your best tips on how to deal with Sons of Hodir in Warmane. After you have read my guide, you will know how to get from Hated to Exalted, and you will just need to finish 2 quests and prepare some money - yes, you can get Warmane gold from us, we are good at offering Warmane services to all players.


Warmane Sons of Hodir Guide


Capability to kill a minimum of 11 monsters, which 1 Elite with 50.400 hp.


Capability to fly in Northrend.


About 15-half an hour time. (based on your gs obviously)


To begin to visit the Storm Peaks focus northeastern Northrend.


Then, go to Dun Niffelem found in the south-east:


When there, visit the ice lake located just east (colored red in the picture):


There is also a mob known as Stormforged Iron Giant:


Killing this mob might appear difficult initially, but is actually pretty easy. they were given a great slice of health (50.4k hp) but can be simply solved. in case you really cant have the ability to kill one by yourself, just type /who and get some people around whether they can help. (observe that these folks may have already done the quests, this can be a problem since following the quests, you cannot begin to see the mobs any longer.


Then, following a kill, get any junk you would like in the corpse but make certain to loot the product known as Slag Covered Metal. this item begins a search and it is the first thing for you to get exalted!


the search this item gives is known as The Refiner's Fire. the aim of this quest is killing ten Seething Revenants found in the same area because of the Giant.


these mobs are way simpler to kill then your Giant, have 12.6k hp and drop the product you demand quest: Furious Spark. collect ten of those and then suggest the right path to Fjorn's Anvil, located here:


submit your pursuit, go ahead and take brand new one, and mind to the Temple of Storms:


Submit your pursuit at Thorim located at the very top (this is actually the part in which you need Northrend flying!), you're going to get about 85k repetition and also have Exalted status! you can now get inscriptions from the axe, crag , storm or whatever! several pretty awesome Mammoth Mounts, which cost 800 gold and 8k gold. thank you for studying!


Hope you guys will have a really nice time in Warmane, and don't forget that you can always get help from us if you meet any troubles in the game, all the best.

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