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Warmane Rogue Level Up Guide

Hey guys, welcome to, I appear to become answering allot of questions regarding rogues, mainly, How do you level a rogue, and just how must I do it. And So I have made the decision to create a guide in order to just point individuals to this site, in addition to hopefully help many others.


I've leveled several rogues within my time, and I have to admit they're quite fun to experience however very frustrating to level. Everything comes lower to actually an easy decision, Would you like to level just like a rogue or otherwise?


Warmane Rogue Level Up Guide


Leveling like a rogue means using stealth, pickpocketing, fighting mobs one on one and staying away from the just as much multi-group threat as you possibly can. Or, there's always the notion rogue way, which may be combat, perfect and most likely most effective method to merc lower some noobs. Regardless of what spec you decide to play, you will see occasions when you're needed to become a rogue as with, want to get deep right into a cave to kill that 1 elite for your quest? You'll be a rogue, the only real difference is you won't have just as much hidden stealth to cover from individuals greater level mobs, however, I can get lower to leveling specs here shortly.


Rogues, unlike most classes, have certain breakpoints while leveling. Given that they use combo points to develop finishing moves while leveling you need to evaluate which your combo breakpoint is. Should you match it up to some Warrior`s rage, or perhaps a Mage`s Mana bar wasted combo points = wasted mana. However, there's no downtime together with your energy bar, as it is always regaining energy unlike a mage with mana.


A Combo Breakpoint is completing a mob whilst not getting any leftover combo points wasted, wasted combo points really are a rogue's greatest NONO, Since nearly all your CDs is going to be defensive, you will have to use every tick of one's to your benefit.


You will mainly only be wanting to fight mobs of the same or lower level, so get used to that until you are a higher level.


What Spec Do I Use?

Rogues should be among if only some of the class that you simply really wish to re-spec when you level. A good example could be an amount 25 Sub spec is going to be super efficient as killing mobs instead of an amount 25 combat spec, which it's still good, simply not maximum value for your money. However, an amount 40 Sub spec will then become 1/2 just like an amount 40 combat spec. You need to make an effort to get the most from each and every energy tick and each single talent point that you will get at each stage of leveling or you will not attend 100% Killing Potential.


Okay, So What Spec`s Do I Use


While you level, you'll find yourself pulling single mobs, most of which you'll just get rid of 3-4 crime strikes after which finish them served by an eviscerate. That won't function as the situation because you will find when you hit the amount 20/30 breakpoints, making this why you need to learn to manage your combo points (also referred to as energy, same factor) You must understand which talents to select in addition to which glyph to choose. Rogues have a lot of talents that match well with Glyph`s, we'll reach that shortly.




Lol, alright alright. This is what you want to level as :


*If You Can Afford To Re-Spec This Is What You Will Want Before You Reach Ghostly Strike :


For the time being, you aren't a rogue. You won't be requiring stealth for anything other then your periodic quest that will take advantage of stealth, other then that simply don`t utilize it. You'll be opening and building combo points just with Sinister Strike and Ghostly Strike 100% off cooldown (You won't ever desire to use a dagger with Sinister Strike, Rule #1 of Daggers) Most of the mobs you'll just have the ability to Sinister Strike 2-3-4 Occasions, and they'll die.

You'll really not desire to use eviscerate to complete them off, rather really start moving towards another mob and before it's about to die, cast your Slice and Dice and transition to another one (combo stacking, since rogues don't have AoE, you have to stack combo points) An adorable trick to complete is that if you're going to pull lots of mobs would be to gradually kill the first because they build up max points, you will need to SS after which change so that your white-colored hits aren't killing it which will help you to get 5 points rather of three (more points = longer duration = more DPS)


But what about Cheap shot and Garrote? 

Useless for PvE, at this moment. The 10 seconds it takes you to creep over to the boss, is 5 seconds lost time you could be white hitting that noob.


You will need to end up a great Primary-hands Weapon, whether sword/axe/mace having a lengthy swing duration of 2.2  because what you would like is top finish harm to pair together with your Sinister Strikes since SS does damage based of the weapons top finish damage. Faster weapons just will not complete the job, they should be high-top finish damage.


The first 2 points get into Improved Crime Strike after which immediately transition towards the subtree and start filling that to get lower to ghostly strike. The ghostly strike is the bread and butter, its one hundredPercent up time Dodge spell.


Dodge generally is a rogue only way of defense when you are leveling (Thanks Blizzard) But Krb, basically go lower the combat tree, I'm able to get Deflection after which Improved Slice and Dice, and much more hit and much more offhand weapon damage after which get Riposte! Oh Gohan, should you don`t dodge you don`t riposte!


Prior to this time, you need to want to make sure that you've determined using your Combo Break Points with maximum ability. For that record, your white-colored hits (melee attacks) will be your #1 supply of damage for just about any fight from level 1 as much as level 80. So you ought to be finding out how to complete more damage from each source. The only method to improve your white-colored hit damage is going to be by means of Slice n Dice. However at individuals early levels, it shouldn't matter if you are using your combos on Slice and Dice or Eviscerate, it'll die when you receive 3-4-5 points developed.


The only real time you'll have to stack your combo points is if you find yourself fighting 2-3 mobs at the same time. You will need to develop 3-4-5 combos after which make use of a Slice and Dice, hopefully before you decide to get rid of the first mob from the group. When fighting multiple categories of mobs Sustained damage is exactly what is going to be most significant since, during the period of the fight, you might Sinister Strike 10 occasions, however your auto attacks will be receiving inside 20-30-40 occasions which is far more damage then just SS-3 point Eviscerate.


You will want to go with Glyph of Slice and Dice. 


*PLEASE NOTE- This is for questing. If you are going to Instance you will want to get yourself a nice dagger, and you will be casting Backstab majority of the time since you have a tank to turn the mobs around for you.


Alright, So What`s Next?


This is actually the ideal 100% damage output questing spec only at that level along with your first real sense of how to become a Rogue. Also, you might be entering some zones that will need some conflict using the opposing faction, making these talents much better since you'll be expected for PvP too (unlike nearly all other leveling specs)


When you are getting to Duskwood, there's a cruz who sells single each day magical dagger. It adds  5 Stamina, I don't remember what it's known as. You will have to have that dagger, it's as near to Very Best In Slot because you will find without having to spend considerable amounts of Warmane gold or time seeking certainly one of the same standards So scoop up and keep it before you achieve the purpose of in which you will start Ambush.


Now your gameplay will change. You'll be much more of a rogue, and you'll be using stealth to be able to Ambush. Ambush is able to take 50% of the mob's health in 1 shot. Your skill cycle ought to be - Ambush - Slice and Dice - Ghostly Strike:: For the reason that order, then hop in stealth and try it again.


It's so essential that you be capable of return into stealth, for those who have a damage counter for example Recount, you will see that most of your damage will be originating from Ambush, and that's why all the talents which have been selected are buffs for the Ambush`s.


Additionally, you will most likely wish to buy the Glyph Of Ambush (the only real time you'll ever wish to really make use of this glyph happens when leveling)


I Highly Suggest you attempt this, as this is really the only time Ambush is going to be a good way to level, Also you're going to get an understanding of the SubClass. If you don't such as this play style, then It is best to play another class because this is how Rogues should be performed.


This is well suited for Picking Pockets, something you don't need to complete but will be your Pick Lock spell whenever you let humanoids for Lock Boxes, something that should be done sometimes based on your leveling path.


Nice, so Ambush until 80?

No, sadly when you achieve mobs that exist level 30, you will see that your combo breakpoints aren't 100% single through (Meaning your Finish Moves won't get rid of the opponent together with your first 3-4-5 Combo Points. Meaning it will likely be time for you to re-spec soon, that will also permit AoE Grinding to occur.


You will want to re-spec at level 34 to this -


*That is actually the 36 level talents, this just shows the priority of Skill Points.


Swords, you want to go Sword Spec mainly because there are two quests that once you get them they will not be replaced until 60.


Mainhand -



You'll now be capable of juggling Awesome Downs and will be attempting to pull a minimum of 2 mobs at any given time while your Awesome Downs are up, switching from Blade Flurry with 1 set and Evasion using the next set. With respect to the degree of mobs you're fighting, you will be able to pull 3-4 while blade flurry expires and have about 20-30% health pool remaining.


Additionally, you will be requiring to determine your Combo Break Points again, because they will differ because of the spec and health pools of mobs.

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