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Warmane Outland Warrior PVP Guides for Weapon Choices

As stated, your weapon is extremely important. Arms Warriors do best with a slow 2H. This is because your instant attacks Mortal Strike and Whirlwind (also Slam) are based on top-end weapon damage - and when comparing two weapons of equal dps, the slower weapon of the two will have the higher top-end. Slower weapons are also more bursty - they hit harder, they crit harder.At 70 there are several choices available for competitive weapons. There are raid drops from Karazhan+, the Arena weapons, and of course the epic blacksmithing weapons.

Warmane Outland Warrior PVP Guides for Weapon Choices

Gorehowl Gorehowl drops from Prince Malchezaar in Binds when picked up Karazhan. It's top-end is reasonably high
Two-Hand Axe compared to its competition - the Agi also
345 - 518 Damage Speed 3.60 equals out to 1.30% crit and 1.43% dodge.
(119.9 damage per second) Another huge plus is the 51 Stam, making
+49 Strength Gorehowl a great weapon for pvp, assuming you
+43 Agility can take down Prince.
+51 Stamina
Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 70

Despair Despair is a drop from Julianne, from the Binds when picked up Romulo and Julianne opera event in Karazhan.
Two-Hand Sword It's a great entry-level into competitive
319 - 479 Damage Speed 3.50 pvp. It's fast, and lacks stam, however the
(114.0 damage per second) proc is great (about as good as procs get).
+52 Strength The 600 damage is unmitigated by armour, is
Durability 120 / 120 buffed by % power increase buffs (DW, Enrage)
Requires Level 70 and can crit at your melee crit %.
Chance on hit: Attempts to
impale the target, causing 600

Axe of the Gronn Lords This is a drop from Gruul - it lacks the crit Binds when picked up of Gorehowl, but has 26 more attack power and Two-Hand Axe 15 more Stam. It has the exact same top-end
345 - 518 Damage Speed 3.60 and speed. Which do you take? Whichever
(119.9 damage per second) drops first. Axe of the Gronn Lords drops
+66 Stamina off Gruul.
Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 70
Equip: Increases attack power by 124.

Thunder Thunder is the tier 1 Master Hammersmith 2H. Binds when picked up The Thunder line has the highest top-end of Unique the crafted weapons, along with a huge amount Two-Hand Mace of stamina. Thunder itself is a very strong
333 - 500 Damage Speed 3.80 pvp weapon - it has great stats and combined
(109.6 damage per second) with Mace Spec it dominates in arena. The 37
+37 Strength Agi = 1.12% crit and 1.23% dodge.
+37 Agility
+55 Stamina
Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 70
Requires Master Hammersmith

Lunar Crescent Lunar Crescent is the tier 1 Master Axesmith Binds when picked up 2H. It's top-end is lower than Thunder,Unique though it has higher AP and crit. At low Two-Hand Axe levels against low-resilience opponents Axe 324 - 487 Damage Speed 3.70 Spec can cause havoc - and Axe Spec is the (109.6 damage per second) reason people why some take LC over Thunder.
Durability 120 / 120 However, Thunder itself is the better weapon. Requires Level 70 The axes line has also no stamina.
Requires Master Axesmith
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 47 (2.1%).
Equip: Increases attack power by 96.

Lionheart Blade The Lionheart line is easily the weakest of Binds when picked up the BOP blacksmithing epics. It has the Unique lowest topend of the three, with a lot of the Two-Hand Sword item-level points wasted on useless stats.
315 - 474 Damage Speed 3.60 The Agi = 1.27% Crit and 1.40% Dodg - if it
(109.6 damage per second) were 42 stam the weapon would be so much
+47 Strength better. The 5% Fear resist chance is also
+42 Agility wasted itemization - with Deathwish you
Durability 120 / 120 already have two Fear breaks and 40 seconds
Requires Level 70 of back-to-back immunity. Disappointing.
Requires Master Swordsmith
Equip: Increases your chance to resist Fear effects by 5%.

The Merciless Two-Handers

The Merciless Gladiator weapons are fantastic - they each have 365-549 damage, a speed of 3.60, 42 Str, 55 Stam, 18 hit, 42 crit and 33 res (except for the axe, where instead of 42 Str it has 84 AP, giving hunters and shamans a good choice too). They cost 3750 arena points, which is a fair amount, and depending on your ratings you may be saving for a while. Are they worth it? Definitely, though you have to ask yourself, weapon or armour first? Realistically if you can get your hands on a Gorehowl, or one of the blacksmithing BoPs, you should probably take the armour first.(This however is subject to change if they bring the season 1 arena set into honour gear in the next patch. Then you should definitely grab the weapon first and take season 1 gear via the honour system. Watch this space.) Which should you grab? It depends on what weapon spec you want to roll with,though Deep Thunder is quite comparable to the Bonegrinder, if not better. There are a variety of other 'good' axes you can choose in regards to the Decapitator, however the Merciless Greatsword is the second-best sword in the game right now - around equal to Twinblade of the Phoenix, a drop off Kael'Thas, and beaten by Cataclysm's Edge, a drop off Archimonde. Even then, Cataclysm's Edge lacks the 2% crit and resilience of the Greatsword.With these things in mind, it is easy to straight up say grab the sword if you're unsure.

Axe vs. Sword vs. Mace Spec
One of the most common questions on the forums is 'which is better?' Each has their pros and cons, and while the usual answer is to spec to the weapon you have, the question arises often due to the choice afforded by the blacksmithing and Arena weapons.

Mace Spec
Mace is generally the favoured spec among top-rank PVP Warriors. This is because of the huge chance of the mace spec stun to proc. With a 3.8 speed weapon, the chance to stun is roughly 11% on every attack. 11% is a huge number, considering it applies to instants, auto-attacks, and every target of Whirlwind. The 3 second stun is invaluable for stopping runners, interrupting casts, and at 11% is also bordering on reliable. With good gear, crit and stats, you can effectively lock down a target until diminishing returns set in and they become immune.
NOTE: Mace Spec has diminishing returns, but only with itself - on-call stuns such as intercept and Concussion Blow are on a different timer. Mace Spec is popular in part due to the Thunder line's 3.8 speed - it's less effective with a faster weapon. The Mace Spec stun is one of the most disrupting cc in pvp right now.
NOTE: As of 27/08/07 Mace Spec is facing a nerf, it is already on the PTR and reports state it has been dropped to a roughly 5% chance to proc, just like swords. This is a rather large nerf - I'll keep you updated as the change goes live.

Axe Spec
Axe is usually considered the least effective pvp weapon spec, once resilience comes into the picture. Some argue that 'axe spec helps overcome the crit disadvantage you have against high resilience opponents'. This is true, however, resilience also affects the amount of damage crits do, effectively nerfing a large bonus of the 5% crit that Axe Spec gives. How much damage reduction are we talking?
There are several things to consider here. The first is that Axe Spec gives a higher chance to proc Flurry, increasing your dps. The second is that it also boosts Impale, since your yellow attacks will be critting more. The third is that both Mace and Sword Specs give you rage on the procs (unless the sword spec proc misses/is dodged/is parried) - the 5% crit will only give you bonus to rage generation in white swings,not on specials.

Sword Spec
Sword is usually the damage spec of choice in high-end arena, since it's proc isn't mitigated by resilience unlike axe spec. Sword Spec procs also give rage off the attack. A crit only gives rage if it crit off white. With 300+ resilience opponents, sword is ultimately going to outburst Axe. The chance to proc sword spec is roughly 5%.

Which is best?
Overall I'd say maces, though arguments can be made for swords, especially in 5s where you aren't going to be focus-fired, and when your team needs the extra dps. Maces in 5s are great when you are running with a firepower heavy team however, especially in 4-dps rushdown setups where the mace stun can keep the kill target from LOS-ing your dps. It also depends on how badly mace was nerfed.

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