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Warmane New Players Knowledge Guide - Part 2

Yes, this is the Part 2 of New Players Knowledge Guide, this time, I will show more things about Gearing Up, which is also important to all new players, it means before you really start this game, you have a lot of things to do, for example, buying some Warmane gold from our website.


Warmane New Players Knowledge Guide - Part 2


Gearing Up

Hit Rating – The most valuable stat for ALL DPS classes


Completely naive players ignore hit when, actually, hit rating is an essential STAT For Those DPS CLASSES. Have no idea attempt to argue beside me about this point, because you’re wrong.


Hit rating reduces your opportunity to overlook. At level 80, 32.79 hit reduces your opportunity to overlook by 1%. Several classes have abilities and skills that also reduce their opportunity to miss.


You have to achieve hit cap, that is if you have sufficient hit rating that the attacks won't ever miss.


When you’re raiding ICC, you’re likely to want most or all of your hit rating originating from gear as gear is easily the most efficient supply of hit. While you’re preparing, though, you should use gems and enchants to enhance your hit rating.


Obviously, once you’ve arrived at hit cap, the extra hit does practically nothing for you personally.


The following is the hit rating required to never miss against a level 83 (i.e. a raid level boss):




(163.95 with 3/3 precision)




(131.16 with 2/2 enlightened judgment)




(163.95 with 3/3 focused aim)




(98.37 with 5/5 precision)




(367.25 with 3/3 shadow focus)

(367.25 with misery)

(288.55 with 3/3 shadow focus and misery)


Death Knight


(163.95 with 3/3 nerves of the cold steal when dual wielding)


Death Coil, Icy Touch, Howling Blast


(Don't try to get capped in this, but for Dual Wield frost Knights you want to have a bit more hit than with a 2 handed weapon)



Spells: 445.94

(367.25 with 3/3 elemental precision)


Melee: 262.32

(65.58 with dual wield specialization when dual wielding)




(367.25 with 3/3 precision)

(267.25 for arcane only with 3/3 arcane focus)

(288.55 for arcane only with arcane focus and precision)




(367.25 with 3/3 suppression)



Spell: 445.94

(341.02 with 2/2 balance of power)

(367.25 with improved faerie fire)

(262.32 with 2/2 balance of power and improved faerie fire)


Melee: 262.32


About Hit rating, a person will still miss against raid bosses (melee, and I believe hunters) however a caster won't. It's most likely worth mentioning that individuals hit caps would be the "yellow" hit caps, and just make sure that your abilities can't miss. It's most likely also worth mentioning that missing and being dodged/parried will vary.


Another point on hit, maybe to incorporate what you ought to achieve with/with no Draenei hit buff and/or Misery or even the Improved Faerie Fire.


For rogues, additionally, they worry about spell hit, his or her poisons don't use melee hit values, but spell, so for any Mut rogue they really want 315 hit (presuming 5/5 precision) to ensure that their poisons (that they spec into) never miss. For any combat rogue, spell hit is slightly less valuable, but continues to be much better than every other stat before you are approaching the ArP hard cap which requires a minimum of full 264, and therefore isn't relevant with this guide. That stated, combat rogues too ought to be trying for that spell cap, however, they (in addition to DK's) get full bonuses for his or her "spells" in the other hit buffs:


Extra buffs or debuffs Specials Poisons White

None 99 315 722

Imp FF or Misery 99 237 722

Imp FF or Misery & Heroic Presence (draenei) 66 210 689

(all assuming 5/5 precision).


The white-coloured hit cap is clearly not worth reaching, and all sorts of modelling support this, but a minimum of for rogues the poison hit cap is super important, and deserves mention."


Tier Sets – Get Tier 9 (or 10!) as a priority before ICC


Tier sets are perfect because they give set bonuses. These set bonuses are extremely valuable. For instance, when ICC arrived on the scene, many people didn’t even replace their teir9 products with tier10 until they'd enough not less than the two-item bonus.


5 products constitute a collection, however, you just have 4 of these to obtain the bonuses. My recommendation would be to have a minimum of 4 of these outfitted always, even though you have another item with better stats because the bonuses are extremely sexy.


Get your tier 9 as a priority before entering ICC.


The Pre-Raid Grind – Part One of Gearing Up


Part one of preparing is farming heroics. It sucks horribly. But when it’s done, it’s done.


Every single day you want to do the next heroics, because the gear that drops inside them is very good: TOC, FoS, PoS, and HoR. Then simply do random heroics for that triumphs.


Triumphs could be converted lower to lesser emblems, if required, to purchase additional products: 1 Triumph = 1 Conquest = 1 Valor = 1 Gallantry. Using these emblems, you can purchase the next equipment to ‘fill within the blanks’ of the pre-raid gear:


Head – Triumph (tier vendor)

Neck - Conquest

Shoulder – Triumphs (tier vendor)

Back - Valor

Chest – Triumph (tier vendor)

Wrist - Valor

Hands – Triumph (tier vendor)

Waist - Conquest

Legs – Triumph (tier vendor)

Feet - Valor

Ring1 - Triumph

Ring2 - Valor

Trinket 1 - Triumph

Trinket2 - Triumph

Main Hand – Sorry, nothing available from emblems. Find the best you can in a heroic (hint: ICC drops the battered hilt which starts a pro quest, but it’s very rare)!

Off Hand - Heroism

Ranged - Triumph


Between your heroics I’ve in the above list and also the gear that is being sold with emblems, you will be able to hit about 4.5k GearScore. Take a look at what drops within the heroics I listed, as well as what's open to your class that emblems, determine what the very best pre-raid item you will get is… and download it today!


WowWiki has info on what drops within the heroics I listed, and you may go take a look at exactly what the vendors offer in Dalaran. Spend a couple of minutes, possess a think, create a grocery list.


Phase two: Starter Raids – ToC, Onyxia, and the others


So, you’ve become absolutely every last item you are able to form farming triumphs and running the greater heroics. You have around 4.7k GS and therefore are sufficiently tailored for raid TOC and Onyxia, that is in which the real upgrades are. Carry on doing these, week in and week out, before you achieve about 5k GS.


Enter into other raids, if you're able to, too. Naxx, Ulduar, OS, and EoE will likely all contain upgrades (while they may be minor upgrades). WowWiki is a user-friendly resource by what loot drops where. Regrettably, people have a tendency to neglect these ‘other’ raids nowadays. If the item increases your GS by 20, that’s still will make it simpler to get involved with a PUG.


YouTube has numerous guides around the bosses you will come across in most raids, and that i recommend highly watching these videos before attempting someone else in charge the very first time.


Importantly, after you are sufficiently gear not to have a problem getting asked towards the Weekly Raid Quests, that will grant you extra Frost emblems, putting you on the path to tier 10 products.


Phase three: ICC!


So you’ve reached 5k GS! Grats! There are probably still upgrades in ToC and Onyxia for you, and keep trying to get them, but start trying to join ICC raids now as well to accelerate your gear up.


Ok, these are all important things that you need to do before you play Warmane, and you can have several attempts because you are a new player, you should not afraid to play the game and get killed by the monster and other players.

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