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Warmane lv 60 Dungeons Untere Schwarzfelsspitze


This imposing fortress, which was hewn into the fiery core of the Blackrock, was a sign of the power of the Dunkeleisenkane for centuries. Now the black dragon Nefarian and his brood have occupied the upper tip of the fortress and a brutal war against the dwarfs. A merging of the dragon and warhead Rend Blackfaust with his false horde dominates the top and performs terrible experiments while planning the downfall of the pesky dwarfs.

Boss: Hochlord Omokk

Omokk rules with an iron fist over the ogres of the top. In the hope of seizing the title of the high lord, many subordinates have challenged him to two-fights, but all have fallen without meeting him once. This mysterious phenomenon has led to the rumor that Omokk is protected by dark magic.

Warmane lv 60 Dungeons Untere Schwarzfelsspitze

Boss: Warmaster Voone

During the second war, Voone led small Einsatzgruppen on daring missions into the heart of the high elite critique. The torn troll joined the Blackrock Horde, because he wanted to be their chief strategist, not because he believed in Schwarzfaust's ideology. Voone sees his splinter group as a brave outsider, and he enjoys transcending insuperable adversities.

Warriors Voone: Abilities

Phase 1: The thresher

Warriors, Voone, attack quickly and ruthlessly attack his enemies.


Warriors Voone is targeting his current target and extra $ 3391s1 attacks.

Ax throw

When warmaster Voone changes his attitude, he hurls a huge ax on a random player character, causing $ 16075s1 physical damage and stuns him $ 16075d long.

Phase 2: The Raufbold

If warmaster Voone still retains 65% of his health, he will change his fighting and attack even more bitterly.


Warrior Voone inflicts physical damage to his current target and his closest allies. Subject to up to $ 15284x1 goals.

Lethal thrust

Warrior Voone adds physical damage to his current target and reduces the healing that is cast on it, $ 16856d long at $ 16856s2%.

Phase 3: Warmaster

When warmaster Voone still has 40% health, he goes unrestrained to the last attack.

snap kick

Warrior Voone takes his current target, inflicting him physical damage and dumbing it $ 15618d long.


Warriors Voone misses his current target with an upward bounce, causing physical damage and pushing it back.


Warrior Voone deals with any player character, causes physical damage, and interrupts $ 15615d for long periods of casting spells.

Boss: Leader Wyrmthalak

Wyrmthalak, the black dragon brood, oversees the troops of the lower peak as they prepare for their attack on the dwarfs. He does not have any sympathy for the false horde or their brutal members, but to protect his Master Nefarian, he would sacrifice every one of Blackfoot's servants.

Obernführer Wyrmthalak: Abilities

Broad smashing

High Leader Wyrmthalak inflicts physical damage to all player characters before him and pushes them back.


High Leader Wyrmthalak inflicts physical damage to his current target and his closest allies. Subject to up to $ 15284x1 goals.

Demoralizing reputation

High Leader Wyrmthalak calls what reduces the near-combat rebound force of all player characters in a perimeter of $ 16244A meters $ 16244d long.

Defense of the Chief Leader

When leaders of Wyrmthalak remain 50% health, he summons two of his guards to defend him in battle.

Warlord of the Felspitzoger

To strengthen the will

Warlords of the Felspitzogians strengthened their allies by banishing transformation, enchantment, and ineffectiveness.


Warriors of the Felspitzoger are in a rage, increasing their attack rate to $ 8269d.

Berserk of the Gluthauer

Lethal thrust

Berserker of the Glutaurians wound a player character fatally, causing him physical damage and reducing the effectiveness of each received healing $ 19643d by $ 19643s2%.


Berserker of the Gluthauer inflict physical damage to a player character.

Veteran of the blood axes

snap kick

Veterans of the Blood axes inflict a physical attack on a player character, inflict physical damage, and stun him $ 15618d.


Veterans of the Bloodaxes cover a player character with blows, inflict physical damage, and interrupt the spell he spends $ 15615d.

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