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Warmane Jewelcrafting Guide [1-450]

Jewelcrafting is important in the Warmane, if you know to level your Jewelcrafting, you can save a lot of outland gold for yourself, and that would be nice to all players, after all, none want to spend lots of money in the game, although they can purchase gold from R4PG.




Delicate Copper Wire x 30: Acquire 60 Copper Bars either in the Ah or by mining Copper Ore from a multitude of locations such as the Barrens, Dun Morogh, Durotar, Elwynn Forest, or Eversong Forest. After mining Ore then smelt it into Copper Bars. You also ought to keep the Copper Wire for later.




Tigerseye Band x 20: Acquire 20 Tigerseye in the Ah, there's nowhere to efficiently farm this item so the best choice may be the AH. Additionally, you will make use of the 20 Delicate Copper Wire that you simply made while making these.


Learn Journeyman Jewelcrafting


Warmane Jewelcrafting Guide [1-450]




Bronze Setting x 50: Acquire 100 Bronze Bar. You may either get these in the Ah or undergo lots of mining and smelting, initially you will have to mine 50 Copper Ore and smelt 50 Copper Bars (for mining locations on Copper make reference to 1-30) after which mine 50 Tin Ore in places such as the Barrens, Hillsbrad Foothills, or Redridge Mountaintops after which smelt these into 50 Tin Bars and employ the 50 Copper/Tin Bars to produce 100 Bronze bars. It's also wise to hang to the Bronze Settings for later.




Gloom Band x 20: Use 20 from the Bronze Setting that you simply made, and get 40 Delicate Copper Wire either in the Ah or make these yourself (make reference to 1-30 to learn more) You must also acquire 40 Shadowgem which there's no ideal spot to farm these so you will have to get them within the Ah.




Ring of Twilight Shadows x 10: Acquire 20 Shadowgem which as pointed out above can't be farmed very effectively so you will have to use the Ah as well as acquire 20 Bronze Bar either in the Ah or with mining (see 50-80 for more information on creating Bronze Bars)




Heavy Stone Statue x 10: Acquire 80 Heavy Stone either in the Ah or from mining Iron Deposits in Arathi Highlands, Stranglethorn Vale, or 1000 Needles. You may also try farming these from Elemental Slaves in Alterac Mountain tops or Searing Infernals in Ashenvale. Either method has in regards to a 40% possibility of getting a Heavy Stone drop.




Purchase Design: Pendant from the Agate Shield from either Jandia in 1000 Needles or Neal Allen in Wetlands


Pendant from the Agate Shield x 30: Acquire 30 Moss Agate in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these and employ 30 from the Bronze Settings you produced earlier to produce 30 of those.


Learn Expert Jewelcrafting




Mithril Filigree x 55: Acquire 110 Mithril Bars either in the Ah or from Mining Mithril Ore from Mithril Deposits within the Hinterlands, Tanaris, Badlands, or Searing Gorge after which smelt these into Mithril Bars. Also, make certain it will save you your Mithril Filigrees.




Engraved Truesilver Ring x 20: Acquire 20 Truesilver Bar either in the Ah or from mining Truesilver Deposits for Truesilver Ore within the Hinterlands, Tanaris, or Winterspring. Then smelt these ores into bars and employ 40 from the Mithril Filigrees you've made earlier to produce 20 of those rings.


Learn Artisan Jewelcrafting




Citrine Ring of Rapid Healingx 25: Acquire 25 Citrine in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these in addition to 50 Mithril Bars in the Ah or make your own (make reference to 150-180 to learn more)




Aquamarine Pendant from the Warrior x 5: Acquire 5 Aquamarine in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these and employ the rest of the 15 Mithril Filigrees that you simply produced earlier to produce 5 of those.




Thorium Setting x 60: Acquire 60 Thorium Bar either in the Ah or from mining various Thorium Veins in Silithus, United nations'Goro Crater, Feralas, Winterspring, or Plaguelands after which smelting this ore into bars to produce the Thorium Settings that you simply ought to keep for later.




Ruby Pendant of fireside x 15: Use 15 from the Thorium Settings you simply produced and get 15 Star Ruby in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these.




Simple Opal Ring x 20: Use 20 from the Thorium Settings you simply produced and get 20 Large Opal in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these.




Onslaught Ring x 10: Acquire 10 Effective Mojo either in the AH or from killing bosses in ZulÔÇÖGurub (I suggest the AH unless of course there's none inside) also Acquire 10 Essence of Earth in the AH and employ 10 Thorium Settings to produce they.




Emerald Lion Ring x 10: Acquire 20 Huge Emeralds in the AH as there's no ideal spot to farm these and employ 10 more Thorium Settings to produce them.


Learn Master Jewelcrafting




Prismatic Black Gemstone x 15: Acquire 15 Black Diamonds from either the AH or killing mobs within the Blackrock Depths Instance.




Cut 5-7 associated with jewel recipes which are yellow for you (buy the gems around the AH)




Make 5-7 much more of any jewel recipes which are yellow/orange for you and buy the gems around the AH.




Make 15 associated with jewel recipes which are yellow/orange for you and buy the gems around the AH.




Make 5-7 associated with jewel recipes which are yellow/orange for you and buy the gems around the AH.




Heavy Adamantite Ring x 5-7: Acquire 5-7 Adamantite Bars either in the AH or mining Adamantite deposits for 10-14 Adamantite ore in places like Nagrand, Netherstorm, or Shadowmoon Valley. Acquire 5-7 Mercurial Adamantite in the AH or make your own if you possess the materials.


Learn Grand Master Jewelcrafting




You will have to purchase around 60 gems and cut them of these levels, cut any which are orange for you until 375 they'll become yellow but you will have to continue performing til you have reached 395.




Very Citrine Necklace x 5: Acquire 5 Huge Citrine and 10 Crystallized Earth in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm these.




Stoneguard Band x 23: Acquire 46 Eternal Earth in the Ah as there's no ideal spot to farm this.




Dazzling Forest Emerald x 7: Acquire 7 Forest Emerald in the AH making 7 of those.



You will have to buy 15 of either Skyflare or Earthsiege Diamonds or cut other bands of these levels, you could purchase your own, cut them, then sell them around the AH for potential profit.




Just still cut any meta gems of these levels, there is no indicate continue power leveling.


So with above Jewelcrafting Guide, you will know more about this profession and could be a master in Warmane, other players would ask you for help, they would give you some gold or other items in return. By the way, Warmane-gold would always be your best partner in the game, if you have any questions about Warmane Gold and Coins, you can visit our site and ask for help, we will solve your troubles, you can contact us at any time, we are online 7/24.

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