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Warmane gold will cutting 50% of across all systems in January 4,2018

This year Warmane've completed a gold squish, cutting 50% of all Warmane gold across all systems, characters, storage and such. This brought out beautiful results in our evaluation, and Warmane believes doing it on a yearly basis advantages the economy tremendously.

Warmane gold will cutting 50% of across all systems in January 4,2018

With all of this in thoughts, Warmane has concluded that all realms will receive a gold squish of 50% on January four, 2018 giving players, as soon as once again, our usual warning and plenty of time to use up their reserves ahead of Warmane commence the adjustment of your economy.

What this implies is just about every piece of gold that exists in circulation, be it inside the character's inventory, mailbox, guild bank, web page trading system or otherwise, will likely be halved merely.

As you almost certainly know, our guidelines prohibit the sale of in-game goods using third-party, services. In most cases exactly where players take aspect in such transactions, they find yourself losing their accounts, characters or worse, their data is obtained and sold to other additional menacing third parties. Warmane has performed a lot in the past to combat this, from banning specific VPNs, implementing complex logging systems to procure the gold sources in such transactions and Warmane. Of course, have staff monitoring the international channels across our realms, and Warmane believes Warmane have succeeded in countering lots of this over the past few years. 

Warmane has also taken a stride in implementing yet a different counter-measure, an artificial intelligence-driven bot that detects gold seller spam, and dispenses swift punishment while even finding out more than time with a lot of patterns culprits reside to using.

Meet Jin, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot, which identifies gold spam (regardless of how hard it can be ciphered with non-latin characters), and learns over time to combat new attempts at gold selling.
The bot has been active for any couple of months now, and it's going only to get improved. With this, such as a lot of internal staff work on our side and a lot of other measures Warmane have, Warmane hope to create an atmosphere exactly where no such game interruptions, as Warmane contemplate them that way, will exist.

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