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Warmane Class Introduce and Analysis - Part 2

This is the second part of my Warmane Class Introduce and Analysis, last time, I have introduced some details and features about Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, so I will analyze the remaining classes for you. Choose a suitable class is really important for beginners, so if you are new to this game, read it carefully.


Warmane Class Introduce and Analysis - Part 2


6- Priest

Priest is the “caster counter-part” of paladins, as they also serve the light (or shadow)! They've two healing specs Discipline and Holy along with a DPS spec within the Shadow tree. They're cloth-putting on people, but for me, those are the toughest of these, getting lots of defensive cooldowns and control abilities.


Discipline – Discipline priests are specialists in preventing damage, they mostly rely on giving shields to their allies. And that's exactly why they're a little challenging for the brand new player because they require good understanding on every encounter to completely shine. They perform perfectly on PVE as well as on PVP too, being welcome in many raid groups, which makes them a good option for any player that's prepared to dedicate themselves towards the class.


Holy – Our second Holy spec is a healer as well, the most hipster healer in the game. They're much rarer than their Discipline brothers and sisters, mainly since they're weird. By weird, I am talking about that individuals have no idea them perfectly and therefore are only prepared to let a Holy Priest within their raid when they are aware of player is nice. Don’t misunderstand me, there's practically nothing wrong using the spec for PVE, it is only that they're most likely a little more difficult to perform along with the other healers.


Shadow – The black sheep of the family, Shadow priests are the emo DPS priests. They assume a form of pure shadowiness and rely on DOTs to deal most of their damage. Much like Ret paladins, they convey lots of great buffs towards the party and, in certain situations, allow their damage lower a little to aid their buddies. (Almost) Every aspect must have a shadow Priest, because they are simply great! On PVP additionally they prosper, but like several clothiers, they're super squishy and prone to bursts.


7- Rogue

The dual-wielding stealthy son of a b*tch assassin that will camp low-level areas and kill you until you create another character to play just until they are gone. Those are the most “selfish” damage dealers hanging around. They convey hardly any utility towards the group, their factor is dealing damage, and the majority, using energy and combo points as sources, the rogues also poison their weapons and utilize any dirty trick you realize to help hurt their victims. Rogues, in addition to Warlocks, would be the least performed class. I do not fully realize if there's a good reason behind them being underplayed, they're quite fun and also have more complicated rotations for their names, maybe individuals are not selfish? Let’s visit their specs: Murder, Combat, and Subtlety.


Assassination – Assassinations are a weird spec at the least. They can be the very top of DPS meters when very well geared, but they are “out-performed” by the Combat spec. They're completely outclassed through the Subtlety spec on PVP by the Combat spec while leveling. On the vibrant side, they are lots of fun. Should you not mind finding yourself in fourth rather of 3rd within the DPS meter and such as the playstyle, they could be the spec for you personally.


Combat – Combat is the PVE spec of rogues. They try to escape a bit in the stealthy assassin type because they wield sword or maces and therefore are a lot of upfront type of play. They're undoubtedly the very best leveling rogue spec overall and therefore are perhaps best three DPS when fully geared.


Subtlety – Subtlety is the PVP spec of Rogue. Some people will say they are better than Combat in some levels during leveling, I am unable to argue as I’ve never leveled as subtlety. However, together with Frost Mage, those are the 3 specs hanging around that are not viable in finish-game PVE. If you wish to kill some news, this may the spec for you personally. Observe that, as all rogue specs, you're fragile and have to be careful and precise.



The other master of the elements class, Shamans make use of totems to buff their allies and debuff their enemies. There is a large number of totems. A great deal. Being unsure of what their totems do so when their services may be the finest mark of the newbie Shaman. Trust me, kids, totems save lives. They've two DPS specs Elemental and Enhancement along with a healing spec, Restoration.


Elemental – Elemental Shamans are the casting DPS spec, they are masters of burst damage, making them excellent on PVP in the hands of a very skilled player. Around the PVE aspect, their damage is a touch bit disappointing, as being a mid-bottom tier. However, I am unable to recall the number of occasions I have seen on the Global Chat “Look for Ele Shaman, last place within the raid!”, because there aren’t most of them around. They convey great buffs towards the party and therefore are somewhat simple to play decently on PvE encounters.


Enhancement – Enhancement is a different kind of Shaman. They dual-wield maces (usually) or axes, while not letting the typical totem mechanics aside, being the best shaman levelling spec post level 40ish (before they, they all suck). They're an excellent fun class to experience, because they do not have a collection rotation as most of the others, they've a priority list, making the game play more fluid and a little more complicated too. Regrettably, on Warmane, Enhancements don't have an remarkable damage, whilst not getting a great deal of buffs towards the raid that the Elemental couldn't bring, which makes them less favorable when compared with their caster cousins. However, look into the Armory and you will see many world-top guilds running Enhancements on their own best raid groups. Be great and shut everybody up! They're absolute monsters on 1v1 duels, but that’s practically all their PVP provides.


Restoration – The healer spec of Shaman is the most versatile healer and I’ll explain why. They aren't the very best at tank healbot nor at group healing, however, they can perform pretty much at both, having the ability to replace every other healbot in almost any group (expect should there be some buffs missing obviously). They convey the entire totem package and a few nice buffs. PVP wise they aren't as much viewed as Holy Paladins and Discipline Clergymen, however, they don’t perform terribly either. They're a fairly close contender towards the easiest healbot hanging around, may be great for healers wannabees.


9- Warlock

Warlocks are exclusively DPS casters that have fallen to the dark side of the force. They are cloth-wearers that bring pain and fear to their enemies. They heavily depend on Damage with time abilities to manage their damage and may summon demons to battle by their side. As pointed out before, they join their Rogue buddies because the least performed classes hanging around, the primary reason within their situation, though, is they require moderate to high skills to drag out a great rotation as well as then, their damage isn't as good as a few of the other classes. Its three specs are Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction.


Affliction – Affliction is the Warlock spec that specializes in increasing to the maximum the damage from DOT abilities. Those are the best leveling spec until around level 50 because of their nice self-healing and mana management. Affliction may be the top DPS warlock spec in high gear atmosphere and may apply more pressure than normal in PVP scenario by DOTing multiple targets and making use of variations of crowd control effects.


Demonology – Demonology aims to bring the most damage possible out of their summoned demon. They are able to summon a unique creature (around level 50, and that's once they end up being the best leveling spec) and may even Metamorphose right into a demon themselves to hand out lots of damage. Demonologies possess a tougher time when dealing damage, both due to their more difficult rotation and since they deal less damage than Affliction Locks. Worry not, Demon-enthusiasts, Demonology Locks are among the popular specs hanging around. They convey a superb unique buff towards the party, just about all raid groups want a minimum of one warlock (they are able to teleport allies, provide a resurrection stone towards the healbot, etc) and many generally they need a Demonology. If you wish to be “different” yet still be wanted and would invest in understanding the challenging rotation, Demon-Locks may be the choice!


10- Warrior

And here we are at the last class, hang on, we’re almost there. The plated Warriors are brute combatants that use rage as a resource. They'll be charging at the face and slowing you to definitely beat you down. They've two DPS specs as Arms and Rage along with a Tank spec as Protection. They're considered a really straightforward class, and therefore newbies like us can perform pretty much in it, while they may need some macro management to completely shine.


Arms – Arms Warriors use two-handed weapons and rely on both DOT and instant damage abilities to wear down their enemies. While they are capable of doing perfectly in PVE scenarios when well outfitted, an Arms warrior will fully shine on PVP. Get the Holy Paladin buddy and merely climb the 2v2 ladder. They're hated for a simple reason, once an Arms reaches the face, the face will likely attend the floor. They're heavily determined by gear, though, because the other warrior specs are also, and also the BIS weapon may be the infamous Shadowmourne which could be a little pricey with a. Many people say it's not worthwhile playing Players, Ret Paladins or DKs with no Shadowmourne. Well, the condition has its own merits, however i think the courses are great which shouldn't help you stay from them!


Fury – The Fury warriors wield two two-handed weapons. Yup, you heard it right. The last talent on the Fury tree let them wield two-handed weapons in just one hand. This beautiful much defines their playstyle. They deal many of their damage just by swinging their massive weapons at people’s faces (white-colored damage) and when 1 Smourne is nice, are you able to imagine two? No, they cannot use two Smournes (Unique outfitted products), but using two ultra-strong weapons will yield ultra levels of damage. They're heavily determined by gear, but near to BIS gear, nothing outdpses a great Rage warrior at PVE. They don't perform that well on PVP though, because they don't have the CC and mobility from the other specs.


Protection – The tank warrior spec is a super fun one to play. They are by far the best leveling spec if you do not have heirlooms or money to buy top gear for each level. You'll most likely do 50% from the 5-man RDFs when you are your Revenge skill. The dream fades a bit at 80 though. They are able to tank everything around the game. Don’t let anybody let you know otherwise. However, many humans can jump almost 10ft high, that doesn't imply that every human can perform it. It's a very tough spec to tank correctly due to the fact it's not necessary the harm minimization or even the HP others have to give you, along with your defensive cooldowns really are a bit scarce. You rely on blocking attacks, should you not, oh boy. They're heavily determined by getting an excellent healbot by their side, most healers are super scared when there's a Prot Warrior. You’ll need to find excellent healers as well as then prove you're reliable. On PVP, they mainly shine on 1v1 duels because of their huge CCs toolkit.


We did it!!!! We briefly went through every spec! I hope that by now you have a better idea of what to expect from each of them. But as promised in the beginning, here is my personal leveling tier list for people without any heirlooms:

Leveling tier list


Easy mode – Beast Mastery Hunter; Retribution Paladin; Death Knight (post 55, ofc)

Decent mode – Warlock (Afflic + Demon); Protection Warrior; Enhancement Shaman (post level 40)

Middle of the pack – Frost mage; Shaman (pre-level 40)

The struggle is real – Priest; Rogue.


These are all my personal experience, so it's not the absolute truth, so I'd like to hear different opinions from you guys, and have a discussion. And can share this article with your partners in Warmane, they would appreciate you, it would be better to recommend our website to your friends who want to buy Warmane gold online, you know, we are a professional store that offering Warmane service to all players. 

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