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The Ultimate Warmane Fresh Level 80 Guide

This is a definitely Warmane Fresh Level 80 guide, which will show you a better way to gear up when you reach level 80. With this guide, you will know how to get epic gear, which would be the best equipment in Warmane and you can buy it with your Outland Gold, yes, these gear can't be bought by money, you can only get it by yourself.


The Ultimate Warmane Fresh Level 80 Guide


Gearing Up Your Fresh Level 80: Getting Started

Getting began you will want to first mind for your class trainer and discover all of the additional skills possible. For those who have dual-spec, make certain you learn skills for the offspec too. Also, make certain you have spaced appropriately, you've selected the best talents, glyphs, and you've got a fundamental knowledge of how you can play your character inside a raid or dungeon. Soon you can find this data here on my small website.


Once you have become everything situated, you can begin having your character some gear. Begin by checking to find out if Wintergrasp is going to start. If it's, queue up for this. When you are ported into Wintergrasp, get all of the quests. Wintergrasp is among the quickest methods for getting recognition. Furthermore, the quests reward recognition but, additionally, they reward [Stone Keeper's Shard] which may be exchanged for recognition tokens. It is also pretty fun to experience many different PvP chaoses to savor. Don't be concerned an excessive amount of when you get owned. You are fresh to 80 and sure in certain pretty whack gear when compared with others. Just attempt to have some fun, survive, and obtain your quests completed.


Following the fight finishes as well as your team wins, you can test locating a group for VoA. Visit any group prepared to get you. Remember your gear is horrible therefore if an innovator is great enough to help you to in, stay quiet and become as useful as you possibly can. If you are lucky, you are able to get some easy PvP and PvE epics. For those who have horrible luck much like me, you'll leave with simply emblems. In either case, it's worthwhile.


Gearing Up Your Fresh Level 80: Random Dungeons & Battlegrounds

After that, you may choose which path you want to capture for gear by queue'ing up for random battlegrounds or random dungeons. I love to mix things up and do both. When you are enough recognition, you can purchase some PvP gear. Even though you never intend to PvP, the apparatus is a good example to raid with before you change it. It's far better to obtain made fun of for putting on epic PvP gear inside a raid compared to putting on blues or vegetables. Try picking bits of gear that provides you with the biggest upgrade or would be the hardest to exchange.


When you are a good gear set going, you will want to start gemming and enchanting your gear with at least the rare gems minimizing tier level enchants. For those who have any issues with making gold, begin to see a lot of guides left within the navigation.


Gearing Up Your Fresh Level 80: Weekly Raid Quest & Daily Routine

After you receive a decent amount of gear, you can begin searching for raids. The simplest starting point is by using the weekly raid quest situated in Dalaran. This week was Lord Jaraxxus in Trial from the Crusader. Typically, no one checks gear for weekly raid quests unless of course, it's Icecrown Citadel. As your gear is probably horrible, that you can do both 10m and 25m to acquire some gear and emblems with no worry of leaders being too picky. If you are much luckier, you can acquire a group that really really wants to finish the entire instance. Places like ToC are awesome to full obvious because the gear is nice and it is a simple 15 emblems.


Every day you will want to follow some kind of routine before you get enough gear to raid Icecrown Citadel. Begin by queue'ing up for any random dungeon. Prior to the queue pops you will want to make certain you've your helm enchant's status tabard. For casters, Kirin Tor's helm enchants may be the typical choice but yours maybe elsewhere. I have listed the various ones below.


[Arcanum of Blissful Mending] - Healing 

[Arcanum of Burning Mysteries] - Caster/Healing 

[Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector] - Tanking 

[Arcanum of Torment] - Melee/Range


Okay to dungeons. WoW's random dungeon queue product is a terrific way to get gear because the queues aren't terribly lengthy of all servers and also you get bonus emblems. If you are a healer or tank they're almost instant. When you wait, it's wise to determine the Ah for just about any cheap bits of gear you can purchase. I'll grab these cheap epic mitts to exchange those I've. I would not spend over our limits on crappy gear though since you will be replacing it very rapidly if you are planning to raid or PvP. You now should not be worried about PvP gear, unless of course, you want PvP, and rather concentrate on running random dungeons and also the Icecrown heroic dungeons, Forge of Souls, [item]Pit of Saron[/item], and Halls of Reflection. Make certain to begin the Icecrown heroic dungeon quest line in Dalaran or even the instance so you can acquire some extra frost emblems and unlock the proceeding dungeons. Each one of the Icecrown heroic dungeons has decent iLvl232 gear, are pretty simple to do, and really worth your time and effort.


Gearing Up Your Fresh Level 80: Icecrown Citadel Raiding

Next, you can begin getting into pug raids for Icecrown Citadel and searching for any decent guild who raids ICC 10 and 25 man each week. Unless of course you receive right into a good guild or are very lucky, pricier to lower a lot of bosses within the first couple of days at 80. It's awesome though, you are just looking to get to some decently geared level and should not be prepared to be downing the Lich King anyway.


Finally, following a couple of days of grinding raids and heroic dungeons, you ought to have enough gear to become evolving through Icecrown Citadel content and even perhaps sketchily downing Sindragosa in 25 men. Ya don't know.


Well, there you have it with this Gearing your Fresh 80 Guide and I think you'll love it.


Best of luck and I think you'll be enjoyed reading this Preparing Your Fresh Level 80 Guide. For those who have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please let us know in the comment section, we will choose some lucky guy to give our special coupon - 5% discount, which can be used to purchase Warmane gold on our site

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