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The last Guides for Make Changes to Lordaeron's Realm Design a great deal consideration and on neighborhood request, we have decided to create modifications to Lordaeron's realm style, main alterations affecting the Dungeon Finder technique and then some. We would like to use this opportunity at the same time to note that there are going to be an upcoming poll for Lordaeron players where we will give the decision of irrespective of whether you'll be capable to play battlegrounds, and possibly arena in close future, with Icecrown and Blackrock players.
The last Guides for Make Changes to Lordaeron

Lordaeron is definitely the northernmost subcontinent of the Eastern Kingdoms. The same name was utilized for any former human kingdom, the Kingdom of Lordaeron (aka Lordaeron Empire) which dominated many of the subcontinents up until its fall within the Third War. The name Lordaeron comes in the three primary Alliance race languages: "lorn" (in Dwarven) that suggests "land", "day" (in Prevalent) that means "people" and "range" (in Thalassian) that implies peaceful.The former kingdom's capital, normally referred to as Capital City, was also formally named Lordaeron City.

Separated from Khaz Modan by a narrow strait, the subcontinent of Lordaeron stretches from the Arathi Highlands inside the south to the Thalassian Eversong Woods within the far north. Historically, the subcontinent has been populated by humans inside the northern, western and southern regions, trolls within the eastern regions; the Hinterlands and Zul'Aman and high elves inside the far-northern Quel'Thalas. After the recent events from the Third War plus the War against the Lich King, even so, the vast majority of the human population has turned undead, as well as the high elves are now mostly identified as Blood Elves.

The climate of Lordaeron is moderate, despite the fact that the land is rugged and largely mountainous in and about the Hinterlands, Alterac and Arathi Highlands. The southern, northern and western regions of Hillsbrad, Gilneas and Tirisfal are characterized by mild forests and farmlands whereas the north-eastern area of Zul'Aman is covered by a thick and wild forest. 

Initially, certainly, one of the Seven Kingdoms to emerge throughout the collapse of Arathor, the Kingdom of Lordaeron was ruled by the Home of Menethil and supplied refuge for the persons of Stormwind following that kingdom's destruction at the end of your Initial War. Throughout the Second War, Lordaeron spearheaded the very first Alliance's campaign against the Orcish Horde but was nearly completely consumed by the Scourge during the Third War.

This former nation's territory is now contested among the Scourge, the Forsaken, and fragmented pockets of human resistance, most notably the Scarlet Crusade as well as the Argent Dawn.

Following the opening of the Dark Portal, the nations of Azeroth and Khaz Modan had been conquered by the Horde. The refugees from Azeroth, led by Lord Anduin Lothar, fled across the sea to Lordaeron. There, Lothar convinced the leaders of your human nations, as well as the dwarves of Ironforge, gnomes of Gnomeregan, and higher elves of Quel'Thalas, to join forces in the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Under the leadership of King Terenas Menethil II and Lord Lothar, the Alliance was victorious, pushing the Horde back towards the Dark Portal, and destroying the gateway for the orcs' homeworld. Lothar fell in the assault on Blackrock Spire, and with all the loss of his political ability, rifts created involving the Alliance nations. The principal concern of dispute was a tax levied by King Terenas to finance the internment from the orcs. Even though Lordaeron attempted to retain its central role, many nations pulled their support from the Alliance.
Following years of debate more than the internment from the orcs, a plague appeared within the north of Lordaeron. As it spread all through the towns and cities of Lordaeron, one particular right after an additional fell for the Scourge, most notably Andorhal and Stratholme. Finally, with all the corruption in the heir to the throne of Lordaeron, Prince Arthas Menethil, the capital city itself succumbed. Arthas' captains Falric and Marwyn alone were responsible for the slaughter in the aristocracy. Hence, in an ironic twist of fate, it was Lordaeron that lay in ruins, with refugees streaming to Khaz Modan and Azeroth.[9] (WRPG 214)

Arthas briefly assumed the title of King, and ruled as an agent in the Scourge, prior to the eruption of a civil war amongst his forces, the remaining Dreadlords, along with the absolutely free undead led by Sylvanas Windrunner assisted by the remaining forces of Lordaeron led by Lord Garithos. Windrunner's forces the Forsaken, with all the aid of Garithos and his troops, accomplished a victory over the Dreadlords and Scourge, claiming the ruined former capital of Lordaeron (the "Ruins of Lordaeron"), beneath which the Forsaken, constructed the Undercity after betraying and slaughtering Garithos and his men.

Lordaeron before the Cataclysm
The remaining indigenous humans of Lordaeron may very well be broken down into three main groups, the Loyalists of Stormwind, the Scarlet Crusade and the Argent Dawn. The first would be the folk of southern Lordaeron which have remained loyal to the Alliance and have provided their loyalty towards the monarchy at Stormwind. These humans manage three towns, scattered evenly across the southern regions on the nation. Southshore may be the most important of those townships, as well as the only port north on the Thandol Span below Alliance control. For the north, nestled in the rolling foothills of Alterac lies the town of Hillsbrad, surrounded by the wealthy Hillsbrad Fields. The town controls an important mine on the coast, Azurelode Mine. Far towards the west of those towns lies the town of Pyrewood Village, which receives it help not from Stormwind, but from Dalaran. The town is friendly towards the Alliance, but the dire curse laid upon it by the mage Arugal has prevented it from further integration. To the south from the town lies a refugee camp outside of the Greymane Wall, and its folk also assistance the Alliance.

The Scarlet Crusade hold lands scattered all through northern Lordaeron, and are by far by far the most numerically well endowed of the human factions on the former kingdom. Nominally a portion of your Alliance, they are so fearful of the undead that they are going to attack any individual on sight. They hold a number of important positions within the Tirisfal Glades, such as farmlands inside the west, and their great stronghold inside the region, the Scarlet Monastery above the north coast. In the Western Plaguelands they handle the entire northern part on the zone from Hearthglen. They also retain a presence in Andorhal. In the Eastern Plaguelands they manage Tyr's Hand, and still nominally control the Scarlet Enclave beyond, while it has turn out to be depopulated because of invasion by the Scourge, and migration to Northrend. Their capital lies at Stratholme, exactly where they hold a portion of your city.

The Argent Dawn has bases all through the Plaguelands, and is produced up of those humans that have taken a extra moderate approach for the war against the dead, accepting Horde and even Forsaken into their ranks.

The Alliance has additional strength within the area as well. A compact higher elven outpost may also be located near the bounds of your Ghostlands inside the Eastern Plaguelands, Quel'Lithien Lodge. These elves have stayed committed towards the Alliance, and are hostile towards the Horde. Dalaranian troops also possess a presence in southern Silverpine Forest.

The Forsaken managed to take manage of your heart on the old kingdom, claiming the Ruins of Lordaeron (as well as the Undercity beneath) as their base of operations. They use it to help keep hold more than substantially on the Tirisfal Glades, and handle the towns Brill and Deathknell along the main east-west road on the region. In addition they control The Sepulcher within the center of Silverpine Forest, and the town of Tarren Mill within the Hillsbrad Foothills.

The Syndicate, in an attempt to punish Lordaeron for its role inside the fall of their kingdom of Alterac have taken the fortress of Durnholde Keep, and the surrounding countryside, despite the fact that the Ravenholdt (a league of assassins) have attempted to curb their strength from their base at Ravenholdt Manor (Which also lies in former Lordaeron).

Ultimately, the Undead Scourge holds Stratholme and Andorhal, along with Scholomance within the southern Western Plaguelands. The Scourge are overwhelmingly the dominate force in considerably of Lordaeron, having a presence in all its zones except the Hillsbrad Foothills.

On a side note, the mage Arugal controls huge tracts of land in Silverpine Forest from Shadowfang Maintain.

Lordaeron post-Cataclysm
The face of Lordaeron has been vastly changed following the cataclysm, primarily as a result of the function on the Forsaken who have begun to take their future into their own hands following the events in Northrend. Any sense of humanity that these walking dead when possessed has considering that left them, and they now seek to recreate the planet into their own twisted image. Under the leadership on the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner, the Forsaken have begun a campaign to conquer all of the lands of Lordaeron, believing that what was when theirs in life must remain theirs in undeath. Now aided by the mysterious Val'kyr, the Forsaken have gained the ability to develop new free-willed undead from human corpses and make certain the survival of their species.

With all the gates with the Greymane Wall now destroyed as a result of the cataclysm, hordes of Worgen below the handle of Ivar Bloodfang and his Bloodfang pack have flooded into Silverpine Forest and in some instances as far north as Tirisfal Glades. Calling themselves the Gilneas Liberation Front, and right after some strategic victories in Silverpine, an all-out conflict has erupted between the two cursed races for supremacy of lands both claim as their own.

The Forsaken have carried out much to strengthen their hold on once-contested lands and have practically fully removed the humans from Hillsbrad by eradicating Southshore completely with their plague. With Hillsbrad Foothills now under control of the Forsaken, hundreds of Hillsbrad farmers fled to Fenris Isle and in an act of revenge took the Worgen Curse to escape undeath and join the fight against the Forsaken. Not all have bowed ahead of the mighty Forsaken war machine on the other hand, the Stormpike Guard have taken towards the defense of Hillsbrad alongside the assistance of SI:7 and seek to drive out their undead enemies forever.

Staged just east of Thoradin's Wall in Arathi Highlands the Forsaken front has been temporarily halted by the presence of Ogres, Witherbark Trolls, along with the humans with the Syndicate and Stromgarde nonetheless vying for control of the area. The only living heir to the throne of Stromgarde, Danath Trollbane has yet to return from Outland to retake his throne. Complicating matters additional is the newly reanimated Galen Trollbane, heir and prodigy of Danath, who now seeks to undo his kingdom in service with the Banshee Queen.

With all the death of your Lich King, the heavily corrupted Plaguelands have begun to recover in the Plague of Undeath and life has began to return largely resulting from the efforts of the Cenarion Circle and Argent Crusade. The Western Plaguelands has grow to be yet another pivotal battleground among the Alliance and Horde and both factions are waging war to get control of the the classic breadbasket of Lordaeron. The razed town of Andorhal is in the center of this conflict where each sides have begun re-building, fighting the last pockets of Scourge resistance, and undermining each other in the very same time. In the Eastern Plaguelands the Argent Crusade has begun staging a massive effort to retake the area, but so far their efforts have come at a great cost against the heavily entrenched scourge remnants.

Nevertheless a land draped in shadow and treachery resulting from its dark past, Lordaeron nonetheless remains among probably the most crucial strategical locations inside the Eastern Kingdoms. The Horde, beneath command of their new warchief Garrosh Hellscream seek to tighten their grip on the region to remain watchful over their Dwarf and Human enemies for the south. Although it may under no circumstances once again develop into the shining center of human culture and energy it as soon as was, really couple of members on the Alliance are willing to offer up some claim to their once-great homeland and they seek to retake it at any expense.
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