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Let's see which Bosses the warmane black temple needs to go through

The Black Temple would be the fortress-citadel of Illidan Stormrage, Lord of Outland. It was after known because the Temple of Karabor, and has changed hands quite a few occasions more than the generations. The entrance towards the Black Temple does not seem to become its main gates, but rather an instance portal set inside a breach within the southern battlement, below the ruins of Karabor. It no longer features a expected attunement.


Let's have a look at the black temple background

Extended ago on Draenor, the Temple of Karabor was the center of draenei worship. But the devout priests who prayed there are actually extended dead, slaughtered by marauding, demonically corrupted orcs. Within the massacre's aftermath, the warlocks from the Shadow Council seized the structure and bestowed upon it a brand new name: the Black Temple. The temple was warped by the Void powers in the Dark Star, an ancient dark god with the Shadowmoon clan that was actually the fallen naaru, K'ara.

When Illidan the Betrayer fled to Draenor (now known as Outland), he ousted the Temple's ruler - the pit lord Magtheridon - and claimed his throne because the lord of your blasted planet. Regardless of the bitter retribution of his enemies, Illidan has begun to tighten his grip on Outland from within the profaned sanctum, exactly where he awaits any and all who would challenge his rule.


Then we look in the black temple which bosses.The Black Temple is dwelling to 9 distinct encounters:

High Warlord Naj'entus

Higher Warlord Naj'entus periodically skewers players with his Impaling Spines, amazing them till freed by allies. More than the course of your encounter, Naj'entus casts Tidal Shield, becoming immune to harm and restoring wellness more than the time until a player hurls a Spine back at him to pierce the bubble.



Supremus The gatekeeper Supremus cycles between striking a primary target though making rivers of fel flame, and fixating on random players whilst littering the location with volcanic geysers.


Shade of Akama

The objective of the encounter is always to assist Akama in defeating the Shade of Akama. Defeat Ashtongue Channelers and Sorcerers to enable the Shade of Akama to reach Akama, beginning Stage Two. After Stage Two begins, defeat the Shade of Akama to win the encounter prior to Akama is slain.


Teron Gorefiend

Teron Gorefiend periodically marks a player with Shadow of Death, killing them quickly. The slain player then returns as a Vengeful Spirit, together with the exclusive capability to hinder and destroy Shadowy Construct that could otherwise decimate other players.


Gurtogg Bloodboil

As the fight progresses, Gurtogg swaps involving two modes that determine which abilities he utilizes. In one mode, he afflicts distant targets with deadly maladies, while inside the other he fixates on a random player with his complete may.


Reliquary of Souls

The Reliquary of Souls manifests three unique Essences over the course of the encounter, every of which applies exceptional effects that have to be handled differently. 

Very first, the Essence of Suffering usually strikes the nearest player and afflicts the raid with Aura of Suffering.

Second, the Essence of Desire afflicts the raid with Aura of Desire.

Ultimately, players have to defeat the Essence of Anger which afflicts the raid with Aura of Anger.


Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz is a Shivarra boss positioned in Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. In addition to requiring high amounts of Shadow Resistance, the fight is rather a standard tank and spank. All earlier bosses (Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Reliquary of Souls, and Gurtogg Bloodboil) must be killed before the door to Mother Shahraz opens. She must be killed before the raid can get access to the Illidari Council. Given her location, quotes, and skills, it may be surmised that she could be the leader of the concubines in Black Temple.


The Illidari Council

The Illidari Council consists of a highly effective paladin, rogue, mage, and priest. They share overall health and bring their iconic skills to bear against their foes.


Illidan Stormrage

Illidan wields his Warglaives in the start out with the encounter, infecting foes with Parasitic Shadowfiend.

Upon reaching 65% wellness, Illidan takes flight and throws the Warglaives of Azzinoth for the ground, each and every of which unleashes a Flame. The two Flame of Azzinoth must be defeated to bring Illidan towards the ground.

For the remainder of the encounter, Illidan periodically unleashes the power with the demonic force within him, utilizing these dark powers to assault his foes, prior to returning to his natural form.

At 30% health, Maiev arrives to assist in handling the Betrayer's final efforts to overpower his foes

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