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Alchemy, Tailoring, Ewelcrafting, Enchanting, Blacksmithing Updated for Warmane

This guide ( for Icecrown a minimum of) is largely irrelevant now. Seeing as professions are 3x and not 5x, 7x, or anyplace close to the 10x this was written for. You could argue, that you just will need to triple the items. On the other hand, which is not totally accurate seeing as you will find items with other patterns that could be produced, with effortless to farm, less-cost materials.It truly is that reality that makes these guides a broadly stroked pointer for those who will, and not a step-by-step get you to max the quickest way doable guide. Now will share the ALCHEMY, TAILORING, jewel crafting, ENCHANTING, BLACKSMITHING Updated for as a professional warmane gold web page, offers protected, rapidly and affordable Warmane outland gold for you personally. With more than 10 years of excellence, we've served a huge number of shoppers. In case you are hesitating exactly where to obtain Warmane Icecrown gold, Warmane-gold could be an excellent decision.

Alchemy, Tailoring, Ewelcrafting, Enchanting, Blacksmithing Updated for Warmane

TAILORING = Updated for Warmane

1-51: Bolt of Linen Cloth = 10 linen cloth

51-81: Heavy Linen Gloves = six bolt of linen, three coarse thread

81-91: Bolt of Woolen Cloth = 3 wool cloth

91-121: Woolen Cape = three bolt of wool, fine thread

121-161: Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders = 12 bolt of wool, eight fine thread

161-181: Silk Headband = six bolt of silk, four fine thread

181-221: Green Silken Shoulders = 20 bolt of silk, eight silken thread

221-251: Black Mageweave Gloves = six bolt of mage weave, six massive delicate thread

251-281: Tuxedo Jacket = 15 bolt of mage weave, nine huge delicate thread

281-311: Brightcloth Cloak = 12 bolt of run cloth, six gold bar

311-331: Netherweave Belt = 6 bolt netherweave, two rune thread

331-341: Netherweave Pants = 6 bolt of netherweave, 1 rune thread

341-351: Netherweave Robe = 8 bolt of netherweave, two rune thread

351-381: Bolt of Frostweave = 15 frostweave cloth

381-401: Frostwoven Boots = 8 bolt of frostweave, two eternium thread

401-411: Duskweave Handwraps = eight bolt frostweave, one eternium thread

411-441: Frostweave Bag = 18 bolt of imbued frostweave, 3 eternium thread

441-450: Magnificent Flying Carpet = 12 bolt of imbued frostweave, 4 monarch topaz, four red dye, two yellow dye, 4 iceweb spider silk

*or you can retain making Frostweave Bags and hope you level up your talent even having a green recipe

*Tailors have access to Embroideries (level 400) for their cloaks, and leg enchants that call for only a thread to make.


ALCHEMY = New for Warmane

1-81: Minor Healing Potion = eight peacebloom, eight Silverleaf, eight empty vial

81-111: Lesser Healing Potion = 3 minor healing potion, three briarthorn

111-161: Healing Potion = 5 bruiseweed, 5 briarthorn, five leaded vial

161-201: Greater Healing Potion = 4 liferoot, 4 kingsblood, 4 leaded vial

201-241: Elixir of Higher Defense = 4 wild steelbloom, four goldthorn, four leaded vial

241-271: Elixir of Detect Undead = 3 Arthas tears, three crystal vial

271-301: Elixir of Detect Demon = six gromsblood, 3 crystal vial

301-331: Adept's Elixir = 3 dreamfoil, 3 felweed

331-351: Elixir of Draenic Wisdom = two felweed, two terocone

== Now select your Specialization

351-371: Transmute Primal Could (given that I picked Trans. Mastery)

Require's Philosopher's Stone = 4 iron bar, one black vitriol, 4 purple lotus, 4 firebloom (you can get the recipe from an Alchemist NPC in Gadgetzan)

Primal May = 1 of each and every primal earth/air/water/fire/mana

371-391: Spellpower Elixir = two goldclover, two Tigerlily, two imbued vial

391-401: Elixir of Mighty Strength = two Tigerlily, a single imbued vial

401-431: Transmute Titanium = 24 saronite bar

431-450: Transmute Skyflare Diamond = two bloodstones, two chalcedonies, two eternal air


*Alchemists get the Mixology passive which increases the effects of flasks/elixirs they use.

I'm not sure if it functions on the event shard flasks (i.e. I've Eternal Flask from the Frost Wyrm plus the Mixology bonus does not show up).

One particular perk for Alch's though, when the ore rates have already been heavily nerfed, is being able to transmute epic gems each and every 20 hours. You only need to be level 65 to find out ability 450 alchemy and as a result be able to transmute epic gems.


JEWELCRAFTING = Updated for Warmane

NOTE: JC is really simple to level later on 300-450 due to the abundance of uncut gems (even if a recipe turns green, you'll still have sufficient gems to spare to get a further level up, hopefully); you are going to in all probability only come across it a little slow early on, especially when you don't have to mine (Auction Houses/Guild Banks are going to be your main source of mats).

1-41: Delicate Copper Wire = eight copper bar

41-51: Braided Copper Ring = two delicate copper wire

51-101: Sophisticated Silver Ring = 5 silver bar

101-131: Ring of Silver May possibly = six silver bar

131-151: Ring of Twilight Shadows = four shadowgem, 4 bronze bar

151-181: Mithril Filigree = 6 mithril bar

181-231: Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing = five citrines, 10 mithril bar

231-261: Aquamarine Pendant of your Warrior = 3 aquamarine, 9 mithril filigree

261-291: Very simple Opal Ring = 3 significant opal, 3 thorium setting



ENCHANTING = Updated Warmane

NOTE: *** = indicates a brand new rod have to be created; refer to where you could obtain items/level to disenchant; take note that dust are disenchanted largely from planet drops, when essences are disenchanted from dungeons

ALSO: I place only the recipes which you can do while they may be orange/yellow talent level; green-color recipes generally fail to level up your prof so you'd end up wasting mats; from time to time yellow-color recipes would fail, but that is a rare occurrence

1-11: ***Runed Copper Rod = 1 copper rod, 1 strange dust, 1 lesser magic essence

11-101: Enchant Bracer (Minor Well being) = 9 strange dust

101-151: Enchant Bracer (Minor Agility) = eight strange dust, 4 higher magic essence

*** Runed Silver Rod = 1 silver rod, six strange dust, 3 higher magic essences, 1 run copper rod

151-161: *** Runed Golden Rod = 1 goldenrod, 1 iridescent pearl, 2 higher astral essences, 2 soul dust, 1 run silver rod

161-191: Enchant Bracer (Lesser Stamina) = six soul dust

191-221: Enchant Boots (Lesser Stamina) = 12 soul dust

221-231: ***Runed Truesilver Rod = 1 truesilver rod, 1 black pearl, 2 higher mystic essence, two vision dust, 1 run golden rod

231-261: Enchant Cloak (Higher Defense) = 9 vision dust

261-301: Enchant Gloves (Higher Agility) = 8 lesser eternal essences, 12 illusion dust

301-341: Enchant Chest (Restore Mana Prime) = eight lesser planar essences, 8 arcane dust

***Runed Arcanite Rod = 1 arcanite rod, 1 golden pearl, 10 illusion dust, four greater eternal essences, two significant brilliant shards, 1 run truesilver post

341-351: ***Runed Fel Iron Rod = 1 fel iron rod, four greater eternal essences, 4 substantial brilliant shards, 1 run arcanite rod

351-361: ***Runed Adamantite Rod = 1 adamantite rod, eight greater planar essences, eight substantial prismatic shards, 1 primal might, 1 run fel iron rod

361-381: Enchant Gloves (Important Strength) = 24 arcane dust, two higher planar essence

***Runed Eternium Rod = 1 eternium rod, six higher planar essences, 6 arcane dust, 1 run adamantite rod

381-411: Enchant Weapon (Higher Potency) = six infinite dust, 12 lesser cosmic essence

411-431: Enchant Chest (Mighty Well being) = six higher cosmic essence

431-450: Enchant Chest (Greater Mana Restoration) = eight infinite dust, eight higher cosmic essence

*If you only wish to get the enchanter-only ring stats - you may need only to get to level 400 to train and just have a runed eternium rod.


BLACKSMITHING = Updated for Warmane

NOTE: A few of the recipes listed here are usable even at green level, which I did create down, just due to the fact the mats are uncomplicated to get = hence even if you don't get a ability point, you may keep attempting and attempting.

1-41: Rough Sharpening Stone = 4 rough stone

41-91: Rough Grinding Stone = 10 rough stone (make additional of these for later recipes)

91-101: Coarse Grinding Stone = 2 coarse stone (make a lot more of those for later recipes)

101-121: Silver Skeleton Key = 2 silver bar, two rough grinding stone

121-151: Patterned Bronze Bracers = 15 bronze bar, 6 coarse grinding stone

151-181: Silvered Bronze Gauntlets = 24 bronze bar, 3 silver bar, 6 coarse grinding stone

181-211: Green Iron Bracers = 18 iron bar, 3 green dye (from tailoring supplies vendors)

211-241: Mithril Scale Breastplate = 36 mithril bar

241-261: Mithril Coif = 20 mithril bar, 12 mageweave cloth

261-291: Thorium Bracers = 24 thorium bar

291-311: Thorium Helm = 24 thorium bar, 2-star ruby

311-331: Fel Iron Plate Belt = eight fel iron bar

331-351: Fel Iron Breastplate = 20 fel iron bar

351-381: Cobalt Belt/Bracers = 12 cobalt bar

381-401: Cobalt Chestpiece = 16 cobalt bar

401-411: Brilliant Saronite Bracers = 3 cobalt bar, 8 saronite bar

411-421: Tempered Saronite Bracers = 13 saronite bar

421-431: Eternal Belt Buckle = 4 saronite bar, 1 eternal earth/water/shadow

431-441: Savage/Ornate Saronite Walkers = 12 saronite bar, 1 eternal shadow

441-450: Helm of Command = 14 saronite bar, 1 eternal fire (actually most yellow-level recipes would need precisely the same number of saronite, but a various sort of eternal element)

*if you only want the BS-specific glove and prismatic wrist slots, BS level 400 is fine.

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